Decadent Home Dining Set


Celebrate the Lunar New Year in the comfort of home and welcome auspicious beginnings with the Decadent Set, a delightful selection of 8 specialities with premium ingredients signifying abundance and prosperity.  

The Decadent Set is perfect for 8 persons and includes:


Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone, Spanish Ibérico Ham & Honey Melon with Signature Yunnan Rose Dressing N P


Honey-Soy-Smoked Patin Fish with Osmanthus 

Baked Eggplant with Roasted Pepper Sauce & Hokkaido Scallop 

Crispy Pork Belly with Tribute Vegetable & Yellow Mustard A P GF


Steamed Chicken with Deep-fried Ginger & Broccoli

Steamed Soon Hock Fish with Brown Bean & Pineapple Sauce served with Guangxi Beancurd Puff stuffed with Chives & Minced Pork P

发财海味煲: 发菜, 10头鲍鱼, 蚝豉, 花菇, 海参, 瑤柱,鲜花胶
Prosperity Seafood Treasure Pot
(Fa Choy Black Moss, 10-head South African Abalone, Sun-dried Oysters, Shiitake Mushrooms, Sea Cucumbers, Japanese Dried Scallops)


Steamed Jasmine Rice & Millet with Pickled Long Bean & Preserved Meat A P

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15 to 25 DECEMBER 2023

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